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Uniform Care Tips

1. Don’t iron over logos!

If you need to touch up one of our wrinkle-resistant items with an iron, be careful not to iron over the logo. This will help to preserve the crisp, detailed look of your school’s logo on polo shirts, oxfords, sweaters and gym clothing.

2. Do not use chlorine bleach!

Use only non-chlorine bleach on whites and light colors. All of our garments come with a stain-resistant treatment that is damaged by chlorine bleach. In addition, repeated use of chlorine bleach will eventually yellow any cotton-blended fabrics. Chlorine bleach will also discolor school logos!

3. Don’t use dryer sheets!

We’ve found that dryer sheets can cause pilling in cotton-blended garments.

4. Don’t dry items for too long!

Most of our items are wrinkle-free. For best results, tumble dry on low heat and remove them promptly from the dryer.

5. Don’t dry plaid fabric.

The best way to launder plaid jumpers, skirts or pants is to wash in cold water and hang dry. The finish and pleats will stay crisp looking much longer. Most items will dry over-night.
To prevent snags in your uniforms, remember to fasten all buttons, zippers and clasps prior to washing. Pre-treat all stains prior to washing for a spotless finish.

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