Hello Summer

 A big thank you to all of the families and students who have exhibited patience and grace with all the challenges this last school year presented due outages. We experienced unusual delays with our suppliers that we hope to never see again. We are stocked and ready for back to school shopping with a few exceptions, which should arrive by late July and definitely in time for the start of school. We are doing our best to keep the store stocked and ready for all of our school families.

We welcomed so many new families this last school year. I would like to introduce Rebekah Spencer, who is new to the School Blues family. She started working with us at School Blues in June. Bekah is a recent graduate of Henry Ford High School. She will be attending Oakland University in the fall and plans to become a teacher. She loves children and is excited to experience her first back to school season in the uniform business.

 Have a safe and happy summer break. Can’t wait to see you for your back to school shopping needs.


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