About School Blues

Hi school families. I’m Judy Selewski, the proud owner of School Blues. School Blues was opened in 2005, with the support of my wonderful husband, Jeff, when our youngest child started 1st grade at St. Lawrence Catholic School. My background includes 17 years of experience in both Retail and Shopping Center management.

As a parent of children in private school, I understand the importance of having quality uniforms available locally and in stock. I remember feeling overwhelmed, and not knowing what or how much I should purchase. Once I had a plan, it was easy to fill-in each school year. Uniforms made the mornings both stress and drama free. Dressing my children in a  uniform gave our mornings the peace I hadn’t experienced in years. The morning chaos was no longer about what to wear, it had moved on to what's for breakfast...or what did you pack in my lunch.

This will be our 15th back to school season and I still love going to the store and helping my school families. It feels as if friends are visiting when they return to stock up.  I have fit children for their kindergarten uniforms and also attended their high school graduation parties. It truly has been a gift to be a part of their school experience and watch them grow up. I look forward to meeting you and helping your family get ready for the new school year.