Stain Removal Tips

Catch that Ketchup Spot
To get rid of a pesky ketchup stain, simply dab off the excess, then soak in cold water for approximately 30 minutes. Rub in liquid detergent or white bar soap and wash in warm water.
Ink Explosion
  1. Pre-treat by placing the garment face down on paper towels and sponging the back of the stain with alcohol.

  2. For dried ink, rub non-iodized table salt in and dribble with lemon juice. Launder regularly once the stain is gone.

  3. Spray hair spray into the stain.  Really, its been know to work on ink stains!! Note: Regular laundering may remove some ink stains but can actually set others. When in doubt, consult a laundry professional.

Crayon Crisis
  1. When clothing has already gone through the dryer:  Spray both sides liberally with a petroleum-based, pre-wash stain remover. Rub into the fabric with fingers and let set.  Then launder as usual.  Repeat if necessary.

  2. When a crayon has gone through the wash:  Rub the stain with a waterless hand cleaner. Wash the garment in cold water with detergent, but stop the machine after the was cycle and let soak overnight. Complete the cycle the next morning.

Get the Lead Out
For pencil stains first erase as much of the lead stain as possible with a clean eraser. Rub Liquid detergent into remaining stain and launder as usual. Repeat as needed. Do not put in dryer until stain is gone, it will set the stain.
Get the Grass Out
  1. Work in detergent or pre-wash stain remover, then rinse.  Then wash in the hottest water safe for that particular fabric.

  2. Sponge with 1 part alcohol to 2 parts water, then rinse.  If stain persists, try applying hydrogen peroxide.

Go Mud
Most mud stains can be removed by simply washing the item. First, let the mud dry, and then bush off as much as possible using a soft brush. Then simply wash in cold water with regular laundry detergent.  For those with more difficult stains, try one of the many pre-treatment products on the market.
Get Rid of that Gum
Blotting the gum with an ice cube or actually putting the garment into the freezer can actually remove the chewing gum! This hardens the gum so it’s stiff and brittle and can be removed. Pulling the gum off may cause some of the surface fibers to pull or snag, but if you’re careful, it’s usually not enough to notice.  Chewing gum can also be removed from many garments by dry cleaning.