Welcome to the New On Line Store!

Welcome to the New On Line Store!

Welcome to the new and improved School Blues online shopping store. While the upgrade has been planned for a while, this quarantine has been the perfect opportunity to dedicate the time to get the work done. Sorry, it has taken so long. The old site was hard to navigate and the technology was extremely outdated, so thank you for your patience.
It has been an interesting 10 weeks since we have been closed. Many of my customers have had their lives completely upended, and the normal schedule is a distant memory. I have great admiration for all the parents and teachers who have had to adapt to teaching and learning at home, while in many cases doing their regular job as well. Many of you didn’t home school for a reason. Change is hard, especially when it is not your choice. 

Hopefully, some new, healthier habits have been implemented and family time is being enjoyed.  My daughter and I have been doing lots of yoga. Who knew online yoga was so awesome!! My household has gone from 2 empty nesters to 4 adults navigating living together full time after 3 years. I’m happy to say it has been a smooth transition. I love having my kids at home. However, it has been hard cooking for more people on a daily basis again. Finding the balance between making enough and way too many leftovers in the fridge is something I’m working on. Nobody likes to eat leftovers at my house.   

This is the first May in 15 years that I haven’t done measuring days at my schools. Though it was always a lot of work, I really missed it. Measuring incoming kindergarten children is one of my favorite things to do. The joy and excitement to start school and try on their new uniform is awesome to witness, it never gets old. These fittings usually take more time because everything is so new to both the kids and parents. So please take this opportunity at the extended Pre-Season Sale to call and make an appointment (586) 242-6390. I am happy to come in so that everyone gets the time and attention they need to prepare for school in the fall.
I’ll close out with the reminder that the Pre-Season Sale starts May 18th with the launch of this new website. Everything is 25% off, which is another first. The extra discount is my thank you to everyone for the continued business and trust. The plan is to re-open the store June 2nd at noon. However, we are available for appointments now. Stay safe and healthy, hope to see you in the store soon.

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